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We are delighted that you chose to visit us.  We are a part of The British-Israel-World Federation, originally founded in the United Kingdom and now entering ours 90th year of service to the Body of Jesus Christ.  Whether you arrived here as a result of a direct referral, or out of curiosity, or even as the result of a random search, we hope that you might stay long enough to further browse all of the links and resources which are provided.

Just a brief word concerning the design of our header: You will notice the US Flag superimposed over the flag of the United Kingdom. This is historically symbolic, in that the United States was born out of Great Britain, and there are not only deep political ties between our two nations, there is an undeniable genetic connection. The chief significance lies in the fact that the Anglo Saxon peoples can positively trace our lineage back to ancient Israel, the people of God and of the Holy Bible.

As you will discover, we have a rich and magnificent history, dating back to the creation of Adam, as found in the Bible book of Genesis. So get comfortable while you click on the navigation bar links above, and be sure to post your comments on our Comments page!

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May we recommend starting with the "Our History" link: the information contained there will offer the most comprehensive yet concise description of the who, what, when, where, why and how of British-Israel.  We are so blessed to be a part of this collection of Covenant nations, called out to be servants and saints of the only wise God, our Savior The LORD Jesus Christ!

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This British-Israel-World Federation website,, contains information concerning the origins, beliefs, standards, history, and ongoing purposes of the phenomenon known commonly as "British Israel".  As a vital and contributing part of The British-Israel-World Federation, established in the United Kingdom in the beginning of the 20th Century, the British-Israel-World Federation USA is dedicated to the propagation and publication of information concerning the Truth as described in the Holy Scriptures, the Authorized Version of the Bible, commonly known as the King James Version, published in the Year of Our LORD 1611.  We also acknowledge and utilize a wide range of information available from accepted and accurate historical sources which are compatible and in agreement with the teachings found in The Holy Scriptures. These include books, pamphlets, recordings, and other publications which assist in furthering the purposes and aims of The British-Israel-World Federation and British Israelism.  In simple terms, British Israel refers to the fact that the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic, Scandanavian, Caucasian, Caucasian-European and other kindred peoples are the physical and lineal descendants, not only of Adamkind, but also of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel as described in the Bible book of Genesis and thereafter,up to and including the Book of The Revelation. The Holy Bible is both an historical document and a master manual for the conduct and operaational order of the family of Almighty God, as established through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, through the LORD Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, as the literal family of God.  Visitors to are certainly welcome and most encouraged to browse the information contained herein, permitted to print and/or otherwise utilize information from this site for private, non-commercial use.  This information is accurate to the best of our present knowledge, and we sincerely invite thoughtful input and commentary from our visitors so that we might further improve the accuracy and quality of our presentation.  The Covenant Publishing Company of North America offers for sale a large variety of books and other publications, in cooperation with The Covenant Publishing Company Ltd. of the United Kingdom (  The British-Israel-World Federation UK publishes the Covenant Nations Magazine, several issues of which are currently available for inspection via PDF file download at, and where subscription information is also available.  The British-Israel-World Federation USA currently sponsors the Manasseh-America Conference in early May, and regional gatherings will be announced from time to time.

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